1 Hour Consultation$120

This is suitable if you have one main complaint or condition you want looked at. It involves Qigong energy healing with hands on Qigong bodywork.

This includes time for discussion, treatment and payment.

2 Hour Consultation- $210

This is where the magic really happens. 2 hours give you time to relax and come into your body and get deep into a whole body-mind treatment.

This will involve some discussion about the process, Qigong energy treatment and an opportunity to explore your body-mind connection through touch and Qigong bodywork. Some qigong practices and exercises can be advised if appropriate. This is perfect if you have long-standing physical and emotional blockages and want to investigate them deeply with an intention to breaking through.

This is a guided body awareness experience that will give you insight into the cellular memories stored in your body.

This includes time for discussion, treatment and payment.

1 hour ACC Consultation(surcharge) – 1 hour $60

ACC treatments are for patients that have a current ACC claim. This will involve acupuncture which will be given with Qigong external energy emission. As ACC covers acupuncture it must be given for all ACC patients.

This includes time for discussion, treatment and payment.

1 hour One on one Qigong Teaching – 1 Hour $120

Feel like you would like some more personalised guidance in your Qigong practice? Then one on one sessions are the way to go. You can get all the benefits from the training but specific guidance for your particular needs and any things that come up in your training.

Have a specific health problem that you would like to work on and do not want to discuss it in a group setting? Class times not right for you? Then come to a clinic session for some specific advice or guidance and Qigong treatment.

The private classes can be a perfect compliment to the public classes as well.

This includes time for discussion, treatment and payment.

10×1 Hour Consultation Package Deal – $1080

Want to do some serious work and go deep into your body? Want to get regular treatments?  This is a great way to start restoring your body with an intensive block of treatments. Great for maintenance.

Each session includes time for discussion and treatment.

Buy 9 and get one on us.



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One Comment Add yours

  1. Sanja Kisa says:

    I truly recommend Kerry. Kerry is exceptionally good as a therapist, always putting his soul into every treatment. I always tell him: “You do not have only the knowledge, you have a gift to help people”. Thanks Kerry for sharing your gift with us!

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