Feeling wound up?

Then I unwind

Feeling stuck in your body or life?

Then I unstick

Feeling locked or blocked?

Then I unlock and unblock

Want to feel centred and grounded?

You can

I unwind, unstick, unlock and unblock the Body, Mind and Spirit leaving you feeling centred, grounded, reintegrated and whole.

Guiding to Insight.

With insight you gain liberation.

The Three Treasures

Chinese Medicine sees you as combined of Three Treasures (San Bao), Jing the physical body, Qi the energy body or thoughts feelings and emotions and Shen or the consciousness, awareness or spirit.

Jing Qi ShenJing, Qi, Shen

The Channels are how these three treasures move around and infuse the body. When we are wound up or stuck in our body these three treasures cannot move through our channels into the body to fill and inhabit the body ensuring health.

We all have the ability to heal

Through Medical Qigong and gentle manual therapy techniques, awareness and energy are brought back into the areas of the body that we have disconnected from through trauma and the Jing, Qi and Shen can move to where they need to go to do what they need to do to heal us.

This changes the relationship we have to our body and mind and the awareness of the three treasures helps us to see what we need to do to unwind ourselves in whatever way is appropriate for us.

Fascia; the endless web

The body is made up of a web, it has been called the endless web or the Web that has no Weaver. The fascial system makes up this web. Through gentle engagement with this fascial web with touch and awareness it unwinds. This can treat all tissues in the body, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, nerves, arteries and internal organs. Through this gentle process your body will feel more expanded, free, flexible, light and less painful to live in. It will give you more comfort and pleasure and you will have a new lease on life.

How long will it take?

Really it depends on you and where you are at. Usually most of the gross tension of acute injuries can be worked through in a few sessions but if there is long-standing trauma then this can take longer.  Long standing mental emotional problems can be relieved with going into the body with awareness and allowing them to surface to resolve this may be quick or take some time depending on the defence structure that are in place to protect you.

profileKerry Castell-Spence

Kerry specialises in body-mind problems and has an in depth knowledge in the treatment of chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions, pain, internal organ dysfunction, joint injuries and stress related conditions.

Combining Chinese medical theory with an understanding of western physiology and anatomy Kerry uses medical qigong, gentle hands on manual treatments and acupuncture to unwind and release tension from the different tissues of the body.
Kerry also has a wide experience in treating internal organ problems, including digestive, breathing, urinary and menstrual problems to name but a few.

Kerry treats all his patients holistically and sees the body as a 3- dimensional structure; a combination of Jing, Qi and Shen or Body, Mental emotional and Spirit.

All aspects contribute to the whole and to health, and all can be addressed through his approach.

This treatment is for those people looking to be free in, and have a better connection to their body, mind, centre, the ground and other people.

Martial artists, dancers, yogis, athletes, meditators, body workers and qigong practitioners among others, seek out his professional treatment, teaching and guidance for all types of injuries, internal disorders and stress conditions as well as for help in maintaining everyday and peak body-mind performance levels.

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Kerry Castell-Spence

Tian Quan Gong Qigong Master

BHSc (Acupuncture), Dip Qigong, Dip Tuina

Member Acupuncture New Zealand

ACC Treatment Provider.


I am grateful to Kerry for helping me to identify and resolve obstructions to my growth and well-being on multiple levels. He has assisted me in reaching a point of balance and health I have not experienced since I was a child. This has enabled me to accelerate my progress towards my full potential with a greater sense of clarity of who I am and where I am going.




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