What To Expect

It pays to keep in mind three things when you set your expectations from treatment

  1. You may find that the symptoms you experience may be the effect of some other cause or problem in your body. As the structures of the body are linked together one structure that you may be unaware of may be pulling on the area that you are concerned about. This means that the area that is worked on may be different to the area that you are experiencing symptoms. Through the assessment these areas will be found and treated. You may find yourself remembering things you thought were unrelated to your current situation.
  2. Your body has its own priorities of healing and will heal at its own pace. Having expectations of an outcome on the day may slow down the progress or discourage you in the healing process. If you have an open mind and a belief in your ability to let go and heal, this can help you get what you need.
  3. This is not a passive process. During the treatment, you will need to concentrate on what is happening and you will be guided in your concentration and participation. This may bring up the underlying emotional causes of the problem and is often key to healing. Any emotional material that comes up may or may not be discussed depending on your needs.

Before the session:

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothes and no shoes.
  • If you wear a bra it is best to remove it before treatment.
  • If you wear a belt it is best to remove it before treatment.
  • Bring any medical reports or ACC forms or claim numbers that are related to the condition you want treated.
  • Please refrain from eating a heavy meal within an hour or two before your treatment.
  • You will need to fill in two forms prior to your first treatment; an informed consent form and a patient intake form; these are available on the links page and if you print them out and fill them in before your first treatment this can save some time.

The first  treatment is usually 60-90 minutes. This will involve a discussion of your case history and any expectations or needs from the treatment. There will be some explanation of the treatment process and what will happen during the treatment.

Follow-up treatments are typically 60 minutes and the results of the previous treatment and any questions will be discussed.

After the treatment, any questions or observations from the treatment may be discussed. This can help to frame the session and help you understand what happened and what is going on in your body and how things connect together.

During and/or after the treatment, you may feel some opening or release in your body or mental/emotional experience. There may be more flexibility, openness, less tension or tightness, freedom of movement, softness and improved physiology. You may notice a change in your bowel movements, improved digestion and circulation, less pain, a sense of relaxation and a better sense of connection to your body.

The treatment effect will continue after the treatment for a few weeks as your body changes in finding a new sense of balance so it is best to take a break from heavy activities such as exercise and heavy work for a day or two after the treatment. It is best to not have other forms of treatment at the same time especially on the same day unless this is discussed.

After the treatment you may feel sore and sometimes this may last up to 48 hours as your body finds its new balance and releases toxins that are stored in the tissues. This happens infrequently but if you are prone to treatment reactions this should be kept in mind. It is a good idea to drink lots of water to help flush out anything that is stirred up and released in your system from the treatment.


I’m always impressed with the way Kerry’s treatments work on not just joints or muscles, but also other elements which affect the healing process, mind, lifestyle, posture.

He’s a no-nonsense sort of guy, who expects me to take an active part in my own recovery.  Highly recommended.


Homestay Co-ordinator

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