The Body is a Storage Device


The human experience is multidimensional. We all have physical experiences of a body and sensation, we have mental and emotional experiences and we have an experience of an awareness or some part of us that observes these sensations and mental and emotional events.

Within the context of Chinese medicine we can differentiate these three parts and name them Jing, Qi and Shen or the three treasures (San Bao). Jing is the material or physical substance, Qi is thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, memories and Shen is consciousness, awareness or spirit.

In this way of looking at things the Shen organises the Jing or holds the blueprint for functional organisation. Qi is seen as a distortion or a filter that can distort the organisation of the body. This can lead to disorganisation of the Body or dis-ease.

The body in this way can be seen as a storage device and all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions are stored within the body. The consciousness or awareness can access these thoughts, feelings and emotions through focusing into the area where the thoughts, feelings and emotions reside.

When we do this we access the memories in the tissues.

There are many ways to access these memories. One way to do this is through touch, another with a needle or with proximity or intention. Through this contact we concentrate and activate a healing process of allowing consciousness back into tissues that have been occupied by thoughts, feelings and emotions that are unpleasant and have become unconscious.

When we reintegrate these tissues they return to their natural state.

Through Qigong practice and treatment we can accelerate this process and can quickly access the cellular memories stored in the tissues. This can rapidly process the thoughts feelings and emotions in the tissues and give insight as to why we are stuck in a pattern of injury, stress or reactive mental and emotional cycles.

This leads to healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; this is holistic treatment.

If you are interested in discussing this more in relation to your situation then please come and see me to discuss options to explore this process.

We explore this experientially in the Qigong class


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